Support Articles and How-to’s:

How to forward your analog phone lines to BT Voice

To Activate Call Forwarding: When you hear a dial tone, dial *72. When you hear a second dial tone, dial the 10 digit number you want your calls forwarded to (your temporary BT Voice phone number). Wait a few seconds to hear three short beeps or a message confirming...

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International Dialing

If International Dialing is enabled on your account, users are required to enter a PIN after dialing the number. If the user enters the PIN incorrectly, they must hang up and dial their call again. If you do not know your PIN or would like to change the PIN, please...

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Using the Conference Bridge

Creating a conference room: If you do not already have a room created, you can do so in the BT Voice customer portal Under the "Services" tab, click "Conference Bridge" in the left navigation pane Click the button for New Conference Room Enter a conference number and...

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Using Hosted Fax

Sending a Fax To send a hosted fax, you must have a PDF of the document you are going to send. Attach that PDF to an email and send it to 1<recipient number> Our system will send you a confirmation email that the fax was sent sucessfully.  ...

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